Frequently Asked Questions

By registering on the site you will have the following advantages:

  • you will have a web space exclusively dedicated to your ads (casa particular, taxi service and excursions)
  • You receive direct requests for reservations to your casa particular, a taxi service and excursion
  • you can enter your special offers
  • you can make modifications at any time on your ads
  • display comments from your customers on your house and on your services

Register now it's SIMPLE, FREE, FAST and gives you YET MANY OTHER BENEFITS!

To register on click Create a new account or use the link Register Fill out the registration form by entering all fields and click on Create an account. You'll receive a message in the email address entered in the form. Follow the instructions to activate your account.


Login using the form on the left side in home page or the "Login" at the top right of any page as shown below:



Once logged in, on the left you will see the menu "Insert your ad", from which you can click on the category of your choice:



Compose your ad by following the instructions and entering all required fields marked with an asterisk *, upload your photos (up to 10) and click "Save" at the bottom of the page:





To edit your ads you need to login with your credentials, email and password, then click on the upper right on the link "My Ads", you will be redirected to a page where you can search through the advertisements that you provided, once found what you want to modify click on "edit" to the right of the content.

STEP 1: Click on the link "Enter your ad" on the main menu

Or click the LINK in the box on the right side in homepage.

STEP 2: Choose the category you want to publish the ad

STEP 3: Create your ad by following the instructions and entering all required fields marked with an asterisk * remembering to enter your e-mail address (E-mail) in the field 

STEP 4: Go to your inbox (Email) and looking the one posted by admin with the object “Please verify your content……..”

Open it and follow the instructions

Now you ACTIVATED your ad, which will be published once verified by an administrator.